Just what exactly is an accessible vehicle?

Lifestyle Mobility wheelchair accessible vehicles are manufactured to offer unparalleled ease of access for wheelchair and scooter users. The floor has been substantially lowered and the vehicle equipped with a lightweight ramp for easy entry and exit. A kneeling system lowers the rear suspension, decreasing the slope of the ramp even further when deployed. Both front seats are removable, enabling wheelchair users to drive or ride in the passenger position. 

I already own a minivan, can Lifestyle Mobility convert my van?

Possibly, but certain conditions must be met. Only certain makes and models can be converted. Additionally, the vehicle must have less than 50,000 miles, and is subject to inspection before the conversion process can begin. We recommend contacting Lifestyle Mobility for help in starting this process. 

Can I purchase a minivan at my car dealership and then have it converted?

While this can sometimes work, we recommend contacting Lifestyle Mobility before purchasing a van. If you visit a car dealership first, you risk purchasing a vehicle that cannot be converted because it is the wrong model, or it may be the right model, but not equipped with the right options. Lifestyle Mobility can help guide you through the process, and can even work with your preferred car dealer to ensure you purchase the right equipment. Often, you may find the perfect vehicle sitting at Lifestyle Mobility, already converted and ready for delivery. 

Can I simply add a ramp to my existing van?

No. The sturdy aluminum ramp is just one aspect of the major remanufacturing required to create a BraunAbility accessible van. Teams of skilled technicians work together on a modern assembly line to produce a fully integrated wheelchair van with a lowered floor and reconfigured seating. 

How long will I have to wait to buy one?

Lifestyle Mobility maintain a stock of minivans converted and ready for immediate delivery. You will have a choice of chassis and ramp styles to try out, allowing you to determine which vehicle best meets your needs. 

What if my need for a Lifestyle Mobility van is temporary?

Lifestyle Mobility vans may be available for long-term rental. Because availability varies, we recommend you ask Lifestyle Mobility for option that may be avaliable to meet your needs.  


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